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We grow wealth to empower purposeful living + giving.

clarify your life goals. live well. give generously.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Identify who & where you want to be and how to get there.

Investment Management

Investment Management

Get your money working for you in alignment with your financial plan.

Retirement Plan Solutions

Retirement Plan Solutions

Invest through your business tax-efficiently. Attract and retain top talent.

Do you want to live well and be more generous?

We can guide you.

Our Planning Process

Designed to help you clarify your life goals, live well, and give generously, we guide you through our planning process. By focusing on one area at a time (One & Done), we help ensure you actually implement and make progress.

How many of us have a huge-book financial plan collecting dust? Our plan is a living, breathing roadmap that updates itself everyday with your progress. It’s based on your own financial website that you can access anywhere! Watch the video to see the tools we provide.

Tools We Provide

Investing your Money

We invest your money based on your long-term goals, your tolerance for risk, and your investment time horizon. From this, we construct an appropriate globally-diversified, cost & tax efficient portfolio. Watch “How We Invest” to learn more.

Applying Science to Investing

Rather than focusing on timing the market, we believe taking a disciplined approach will give you the best odds of success capturing market returns over your lifetime. We act as a guide to help you through various market conditions to avoid making costly mistakes. Our approach is influenced by decades of research by Nobel Laureates. Watch the video below to learn more.

Do you know how much risk is in your portfolio?

Capture your Risk Number. Follow the link to see if your portfolio aligns w/ your investment goals & expectations.

What's Your Risk Number?

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Clarify Life Goals.
Live Well.
Give Generously.

In order to do so,
we must answer two questions:

Who owns it all?
How much is enough?


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No Commissions.
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Just honest, objective, financial advice. We are a Fee-Only firm and our compensation only comes from our clients. We believe this is the best way to align our interests with yours. We are also sworn fiduciaries who put your interests and needs first.

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Investment Custodian

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